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Kookje Newspaper, Gimhae Medical Device Manufacturer Enters Mongolia

2022.05.12 국제신문, 김해  의료기기 제조사 몽골 진출 물꼬 


The Gimhae Medical Industry Promotion Agency announced on the 12th that it had a meeting at the Promotion Institute of Juchon-myeon on the 11th, with officials including the chairman of MG Hospital, Mongolias largest hospital, Kurel, and representatives of local medical equipment companies in attendance. At the meeting, OTI Korea (sterilizer), YU (medical filler), THK Company (age-friendly products, rehabilitation), KMG (dental, stimulator), Avoryderm Bio (cosmetics), Haedong GI (orthopedic implant) , SHINSAEGI Medi-Tech (Dental Implant) attended. 



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