Surface Treatment
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SG Implant Model
SG Implant will provide that rapid and stable osseointergration through own research effort.
The result is clean, safety.
The research of of SG Implant Surface treatment will be made continously.
SG Surface Treatment Type
RBM(Resorbable Blast Media) Surface Treatment of the implant is blasted using certified calciumphosphate(Ca-p) powder to increase cohesion of osseointergration tissue Since the calciumphosphate media is removed by chemical treatment to the side effects that may be caused by residual materials was all removed.
RBM surface
SLA(Sand bled Large-gid Acid )is a method of chemically surface treatment to obtain a wider surface area to increase better mechanical fixation and osseointegration. SG implant minimizes residual acid through a meticulous cleaning process after surface treatment of SLA
SLA surface
Roughness of Implant surface
Stylus roughness test
Result of stylus Roughness test
  • 1. (Before) Surface treatment Ra : 0.1439㎛
  • 2. (After) Surface treatment Ra : 1.1050㎛
(Before)Surface treatment Ra : 0.1439㎛
(After)Surface treatment Ra: 1.1050㎛
Optical & 3-D Roughness test
Result of Optical & 3D Roughness test
  • 1. (Before) Surface treatment Ra : 0.237㎛
  • 2. (After) Surface treatment Ra : 3.8426㎛
(Before)Surface treatment photograph
(After)Surface treatment photograph
(Before) Area Analysis
(After) Area Analysis
SG implant thread type
SG Inner head
Internal octa connection
Internal hex connection