Distinctiveness / Excellence
SG Medi-Tech strives to bring back your Smile.
SG MEDI-TECH’s best implants are exported to China / South America / Asia / Middle East / Europe.
SG Medi-Tech strives to bring back your smile
Scientific, systematic research
SG Implant is verified for its biocompatibility and safety. Furthermore, it has been verified for its safety by domestic and foreign institutions through biological, mechanical tests based on its surperior degree of cleanliness and precision.
Scenery of SG Meditech research institute
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HM System (Hold Mid-air system)
  • HM System presents the most safe and convenient design among packaging methods.
  • The knob in the lower part of the fixture makes the fixture float on air.
  • It is safe and hygienic as the fixture does not touch any part of the package ampule.
  • Fixture can be easily and quickly separated from the ampule.
  • The knob of the fixture is cleanly cut off after separation
Un-Packing protocol
Remove contents from the implant packing box
Peel back the tray lid expose the implant
Draw open a cover of the implant ampule.
Pick-up the implant from the implant ampule using mountless fixture mount driver
Break off a knob of the implant
Insert in insice the implant using mountless fixture mount driver
Fixture Mount Driver System
  • Micro Tip is installed on the lower part of the Fixture Mount Driver to present soft and strong coherence.
  • 2. Mount driver can be softly separated within mouth even after grafting fixture with strong torque.
  • 3. It is classified into 3 types according to fixture.
    • External Hex Type (N, R, W)
    • Internal Octa Type
    • Submerged Internal Hex Type
    • Branemark, 3i compatibility
    • ITI compatibility
    • ASTRA compatibility
Submerged Internal Hex Type
Internal Octa Type
External Hex Type
Intall Micro Tip in lower part
Fasten Mount Driver in Fixture
Strong clamping force for lifting ampule
Hole Drill design
Hole Drill structure