Implant Information
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Implant treatment procedure
01. Pre-surgical diagnosis / treatment plan
  • Consulting on health condition, disease, and other important information.
  • Radiography filming and analysis.
  • Treatment for general infection.
02. 1st surgery, implant grafting
  • Swelling of cheeks may be generated after surgery. (massage with cold pack to achieve quick recovery)
  • Use cotton to contain blood and swallow blood after surgery.
  • Avoid immoderate exercise or baths for 3 days. Smoking and drinking are prohibited.
  • Visit clinic ofr treatment if bleeding cannot be stopped after surgery.
  • Maxillary sinus bone graft patients must not blow nose or spit saliva (may generate problems in the surgical area)
03. Osseointegration
  • Bone healing / bone and implant osseointegration phase (3~6 months)
04. 2nd surgery
  • Implant abutment connection and gum treatment (may be omitted according to surgical method)
05. Prosthetic installation
06. Maintenance
  • Require active brushing and gum management.
  • Require regular inspection.