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Difference between bridge (bridge-prosthesis) restoration and implant restoration.
Bridge (bridge-prosthesis) restoration
Bridge (bridge-prosthesis) restoration
Fig1. Anterior fracture in identical situation.
Fig2. Use bridge after extraction of tooth.
Fig3. Abrade two adjacent teeth (left and right) after 2~4 weeks.
Fig4. Aesthetic problems may be generated due to continued contraction with the passing of time.
Fig5. Can replace lost tooth with bridge.
Fig6. Anterior fracture in identical situation
Fig7. Drainage tube edema, bleeding, and complications may be generated if the problem is not treated.
Fig8. Aftereffects are generated in the fracture of the tooth supporting the bridge-prosthesis.
Fig9. Adfacent teeth must be removed to expand bridge to solve this problem.
Fig10. Aesthetics are worsened as the contracted bone cannot be treatd.
Fig11. If the same situation occurs in the second bridge tooth, all related teeth must be extracted.
Impant restoration
Impant restoration
Fig1. Anterior fracture in identical situation.
Fig2. Anterior fracture in identical situation.
Fig3. Complete treatment 4~6 months after grafting implant.
Fig4. Can check outstanding results in the early phase.
Fig5. No effect on cavity or basis.
Fig6. Significant chanes are not observed in implant surgery.
*Visits to the dentist are rather decreased in number and cost can be relatively cheaper.