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SG Medi-Tech strives to bring back your Smile.
SG MEDI-TECH’s best implants are exported to China / South America / Asia / Middle East / Europe.
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SG Medi-Tech introduced through the media are presented.
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Broadcast of Kang’s Hotissue Magazine
KBS 9 p.m NEWS_ Plasma Implant New Technology
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SG Implant Surgical Drill protocol
SG Implant S-System Sugical protocol
SG Implant IT Sugical protocol
SG Positioning guide kit user manual
SG Implant Hole drill excellence
SG Implant Unpacking
Plasma surface treatment
SG Implant RBM Wettability test
SG Implant SLA Wettability test
SG Implant Flapless surgery process