Implant Surgery
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Implant surgery process
Implant surgery is generally performed in 2 stages.
The implant is positioned within the bone in the frist stage. Soft tissue is sutured after implant grafting. When the implant is established within the bone, the part for tooth inosculation is opened through the 2nd surgery. It takes 6 months to perform the 2nd surgery after the 1st surgery for the upper jaw and 3 months for the lower jaw.
1st surgery
  • Remove soft tissue to insert implant.
  • Use small drill to form bone for implant. Gradually broaden diameter to form bone.
    *This is achieved to minimize heat generation. If the temperature within the bone exceeds 44 degrees, bone necrosis may occur.
  • Create bone (at least 7mm in size).
  • For the lower jaw, there must be 7mm above the mandibular neural canal. The quantity of alveolar bone in the maxillary sinus is important inthe upper jaw.
  • Additional surgery (e.g. bone grafting) is required if the quantity of remaining bone is insufficient.
  • Implant can be positioned in screw form or be positioned through mechanical support without screws.
  • Soft tissue must be tightly closed through suturing.
  • For the first 2 weeks after surgery, the patient must be careful not to exert weight on the surgical area.
2st surgery
  • The simplest surgery is to remove the soft tissue covering the head part of the implant by using a cylindrical punch.
  • Push soft tissue toward the cheek or tongue.
  • To accurately position implant prosthetic junction without assistance of soft tissue, remove the bone that has grown on top of the implant and remove soft tissue grown in the surrounding area.
  • Stitch again position the tissue closely on top of the junction.