Fatigue Test
SG Medi-Tech strives to bring back your Smile.
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SG Medi-Tech strives to bring back your smile
Purpose of test
  • The success of dental implant depends on the biocompatibility of the implant and its biofunctionality, the mechanical, physical properties for performing the relevant function.
  • As implant receives static and dynamic loads, many problems may occur in relation to biodynamics.
  • These problems may lead to destruction of abutment screw or fixture due to loosening of abutment screw.
  • Thus, research is continuously conducted on implant materials, geometric shape, general bite force, and stress analysis.
  • This test is performed according to ISO14801 regulations and predicts fatigue lifespan of implant based on S-N curve to realize implant with greater function.
Subjects for Fatigue Test
SG Implant (Submerged Slightly Fixture, SST Model)
  • SST Model (SFSR411)
  • Platform diameter : Ø 4.3mm
  • Length : 11mm
SG Implant (Internal Slightly Fixture, IST Model)
  • IST Model (IFSR411)
  • Platform diameter : Ø 4.8mm
  • Length : 11mm
Test Results
01. Load / boundary conditions
Fig1. Geometric configuration for Experiment according to ISO 14801
Fig2. Experimental Set-up
03. Experimental conditions and results of SG Implant (Ambient Temp-20℃±5℃, Relative Humidity 50%)
Fig3. S-N curve for SG Implant SST, SFSR411
Fig4. S-N curve for SG Implant IST, IFSR411